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Questions About Neurodrine

How does Neurodrine work?

There are three primary reasons why your brain slows down as you get older. Number one is because your neurons are wasting away.

But one recent scientific breakthrough found a way to grow new neurons giving your brain a special fuel BDNF. Ingredient derived from plant Brahmi increases BDNF in your brain.

Second reason your brain slows down is because your brain cells can’t communicate efficiently. Neurodrine has a special super-compound called Phosphatidylserine which helps your brain cells communicate.

And a third reason why your brain slows down is stress. There are two types of it – every day stress and oxidative stress. Neurodrine has ingredients derived from St. John’s Wort and Chinese club moss (Huperzine A). Both help get rid of stress and help you think clearer.

In short – Neurodrine has ingredients for all three phases of brain upgrading.


How do I take Neurodrine?

Neurodrine does not require any major changes to your diet or routine. Simply take one capsule 1 to 2 times daily with any meal.


Does Neurodrine work for everyone?

We’d love to say that this formula works for everyone, but that’s simply not true. So far, Neurodrine has a return rate of about 1%. We’re still looking for ways to improve this formula, but in the meantime… if there’s any reason whatsoever you’re unsatisfied with this product, you’ll get a full refund.

The only way to know if it’s going to work for you as it has for so many other people is to try it out for yourself, risk-free. Even if you use up the entire supply, send us the empty bottles and we’ll return your money if you’re not completely satisfied.

As with any supplement, we’d like to advise you to consult your doctor before taking Neurodrine.

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