Ancient Warlord’s Secret to Gut Health

Could give you an “Iron Stomach”...

So you can protect yourself and win your daily battles

and not worry about eating certain foods ever again

Imagine this – it’s the year 1206 and you’re an ancient warrior conquering vast lands of Asia and Europe.

You’ve traveled hundreds of miles… with only a handful of troops

…and now you’re about to attack the enemy…who’s been expecting your arrival…

They’ve built a castle to defend against your invasion.

With the arrows flying in your direction…you try to climb that stone wall… but those pesky peasants are pouring hot tar on your head.

To make matters worse…

There’s an even bigger problem developing… in your gut.

Your stomach gets tight… and knotted…

You feel as if you got kicked in the gut…

Now, what kind of a warrior are you, anyway…

… if you have to run to the bathroom in the middle of the battle?

What would you do? How would you solve your problem?

But they don’t call you “Supreme Ruler” or… Genghis Khan for nothing…

You’ve already found a solution before you went on a quest to conquer the world. It’s a secret your enemies don’t know.

It’s what gives you an “iron gut” and gives your troops a superhuman strength giving them the power to beat the enemy.

This secret is what you’re going to discover in this short presentation. But first, let me ask you a question…

If we’re living in the 21st century with all of the modern technology…

Why do we still struggle with the same gut problems that were already solved 800 years ago?

These ancient fighters – they did not travel with coolers in their trunks. And there was no crushed ice to take with you. No refrigerators or food preservatives either.

Yet, as you’ll see in a moment, they were able to solve their nutrition and digestion problems so well that beating the enemy ten times larger in size was a piece of cake.

I’ll let you in on their secret, but first, you may be wondering…

Why should you care about something that happened a long time ago? And how can that help you TODAY? After all, we’re living in a different century.

But let me ask you this…

Do you have a feeling that something is not right in your gut – even after consuming the most delicious and best quality foods in the world?

And feel like you have no energy to do anything? Or worse…

Do you experience any of the following?

And if you talked to your doctor, they probably told you there’s nothing actually “wrong” with you. They may have even suggested cutting down on junk food and exercising more.

But what if I told you that was one big lie?

What if I showed you scientific proof that the foods you eat today are all lacking a few very important ingredients – the ones our strongest ancestors consumed?

But more importantly… that it’s not your fault.

We’re living in the 21st century where a big and powerful food industry rules the world

And its goal is to squeeze extra profits from you. They don’t care about your health.

The way modern food is produced not only shortens your life, decreases your immunity, and makes you overweight but it may lead to much bigger problems in the future. 1

But today you’ll find out a secret that could change all that. This ancient secret is what helped one fearless warrior leader to become the most powerful man in the world.

What exactly was his secret?

My name is Alan Walker and I’m an underground researcher at Advanced BioHealth. I made this presentation for two reasons:

First, to tell you that the problems you’re suffering today have been solved many centuries ago.

Science can now explain why those ancient solutions worked and how you can take advantage of them now.

Because, believe it or not…

… your gut is NOT getting something very important and that could be the root cause of…

And the second reason I made this presentation is to tell you how to solve those problems for good.

That means…

It also means a stronger immune system.

And that’s what you need the most due to the current situation – with the media continuously warning us about the first wave, the second wave… however many waves we’re going to have…

Here’s the truth…

No matter what happens in the world… you can do something to protect yourself.

And best of all…

You could restore the healthy body you used to have when you were younger.

As you’ll see later – the “iron gut” secret ancient Mongolian fighters possessed 800 years ago holds a key to your digestive health, strong immune system, and even physical and mental power.

It could turn you into a superhuman and help you win your daily battles. But first…

What gave these ancient fighters a super human strength?

Imagine yourself having to travel long distances without a car and without carrying any food with you.

There is no McDonalds or Starbucks to stop by on the way for a quick snack.

And if you think that’s harsh, consider this…

Winter temperatures in Mongolia can reach -40 degrees Fahrenheit!

These ancient warriors didn’t have food trucks following them or mobile kitchens to supply prepared meals to the battlefield, the way modern troops do. They didn’t need to….

They had something better.

Believe it or not, ancient Mongols found one single source for food, drink, and transportation…

Their horses.

That’s right. Each Mongol warrior had between 3 to 5 different horses following them. They were used for transportation and food. Some warriors had as much as 20 of them.

These horses could forage and dig through snow and find their own food. They were self-sustaining.

Particularly valuable were lactating female horses called mares because they were used for milk. And it is this milk that was consumed by the warriors.

But the secret is… troops did not consume it in a raw form.

Instead, this milk was fermented into a drink called Airag using a live bacterial culture that was present in the leather bags the drink was carried in.

Genghis Khan believed the Airag kept his warriors healthy and made them braver when facing the enemy.

Just imagine how brilliant a solution that was…

“While enemy peasant warriors consumed grain diet… which rotted their teeth and left them prone to disease, Mongol soldiers consumed protein – it gave them strong teeth and bones”… according to anthropology professor Jack Weatherford.

And it’s what gave them the power to climb those walls, attack the enemy and break through its defenses. That’s how a relatively small Genghis Khan army was able to conquer 12 million square miles in only 25 years.

In a moment, I’ll tell you how to take advantage of this secret NOW… even if you’re not a big fan of fermented horse’s milk.

As you’ll soon see, modern science gives you a much easier way.

This one secret could make you into a superhuman.

Not only could it increase your immunity, but it could help your body consume and digest the most delicious foods in the world – without worrying about what it’s going to do to your gut.

Here’s why this is such a best-kept secret to your digestive health.

Researchers are now discovering that not only was the fermented mare’s milk nutritious, but it also contained powerful bacteria that helped Mongolian warriors digest dried horse meat their wives gave them for the road.

I’ll tell you how you can get the same ingredients that were consumed 800 years ago and gave Genghis Khan warriors the power to conquer the world. But first…

Another secret to digestive health

This fermented mare’s milk was only one of the secrets Mongol warriors possessed.

Another one – they actually stole this one from locals when they occupied china. During the siege of the great wall of China, Genghis Khan noticed that the Chinese were eating some strange cabbage they fermented using rice wine.

So he took their recipe and modified it, using salt instead of wine. It is this recipe that he brought with him to Europe. It’s what Russians call “Kapusta” and Germans call “Sauerkraut”.

Problem is… as you’ll see later, you CANNOT get it in the store. But I’ll tell you an easy solution to that problem…

But first, let me tell you about…

Why fermented foods are such a miracle for your diet

It all started in early 1882 when a brilliant Russian microbiologist, a “Father of natural immunity” – Ellie Mechnikov wanted to see if he could find a way to prolong human life.

He started to study the immune system and found that harmful bacteria in our body is attacked and “digested” by good bacteria. His work won him a Nobel prize in 1908.

Turns out, that’s exactly how our immune system works. And 70% of your immune system is in our gut… which means there’s a major benefit to having a healthy gut.

Ellie also noticed that the longest living and most vital people in the world…

… the Hunzas of Kashmir and the Georgians in Eastern Europe regularly ate some fermented food.

Not only that – he also discovered that rural people in Bulgaria who were living in extreme poverty and brutal climate had an average lifespan of 87 years old! This was unheard of in the early 1900s.

Four out of every thousand Bulgarians became Centenarians – people who lived past 100 years of age…

And that’s decades before modern medicine and things like MRIs, the ultrasounds and the CAT scans were invented.

The bacteria in the fermented food allowed these Europeans not only to live past 100 years old but also to live an active lifestyle…

Georgians who were older than 100 years old have been known to participate in events typically reserved for younger generations, such as polo games and farm labor.

Scientists began to study these “superhumans” and discovered that all these people… you guessed it… also consumed fermented foods in one way or another.

So here’s a million-dollar question…

Which particular bacteria is the most beneficial to a healthy gut?

Let’s start with the most researched one – L.Acidophilus. It is found in fermented milk and also in the human gut.

It was discovered in the early 1900s when Dr. Ernst Moro who was a pediatrician. At the time children were dying from diarrhea and his main goal was to prevent that.

Later it was found that L.Acidophilus bacteria is able to create lactic acid from fermenting milk sugars – so-called lactose. And this lactic acid environment is where the bad bacteria cannot survive. 2

Other researchers noticed – the bigger the colonies of L.Acidophilus…, the better it helps digestion.

If the colonies are too small they’re unable to help us fully obtain the nutritional value of the foods we have eaten, thus causing gastrointestinal problems. 3

Think what this means – even if you eat the best and highest quality food, your body may not be extracting nutritional value from it… which could be the main reason for your digestive discomfort.

In a minute I’ll tell you an easy way to increase L.Acidophilus colony in your gut. But as you can see…

Modern science confirms that Genghis Khan’s “iron gut” secret – fermented foods are so great for your gut.

The only problem is… you probably already know this…

Today’s fermented foods you find at the store are a joke

First, they contain more sugar than the actual good bacteria. A study published in the Journal of National Academy of Sciences, sugar is what stops a good bacteria from growing in your gut. 4

That means, even if you think you’re spending extra money on supposedly “healthy” foods, the added sugar makes it anything but healthy.

Second, all of the modern foods are produced in huge quantities so the greedy corporations can squeeze the maximum profits. That can only mean one thing…

Extending shelf life is more important than preserving the good bacteria.

Take for example fermented cabbage – sauerkraut. It takes at least 21 days to ferment naturally. Do you think commercial manufacturers would wait that long to produce sauerkraut that’s healthy for you?

Of course not.

They throw in some vinegar, drop some preservatives and other chemicals, and off it goes to the store shelves.

No wonder a store-bought cabbage smells and tastes so awful that nearly everyone shies away from this “smelly cabbage”.

But the good news is – scientists have figured out which bacteria in REAL fermented foods is the most beneficial to your gut.

In a moment, I’ll tell you how to find that bacteria in a concentrated form.

Imagine being able to eat any foods you like extracting significantly more nutrition from them than you are right now. 5

That means you could give your body extra nutrients it’s currently missing.

Because guess what?

Modern foods have a high-calorie density but are low in nutritional value

Here’s an even bigger problem…


That means you’re giving your gut a limited amount of bacteria to work with. Which means your body is starving for more bacteria diversity.

Here’s what I mean.

Let’s go back to the longest living people, centenarians – the ones that have reached 100 years young.

What’s most surprising about them is…


Think about it…

People who lived to 100 years old had healthier guts than those who were young!

That’s despite the fact that gut diversity is reduced with age. 8

That means the key to higher energy, longevity, strong immune system, and even weight loss…

It’s all in your gut

If you could increase the bacteria diversity, you can achieve near-perfect health and live a long and happy life.

But there’s an even more important reason to have a healthy diversity of bacteria in your gut…

The reduced bacteria diversity is especially bad news for your immune system. Which could mean anything from skin rashes, to various infections.

And in times like these, that could mean putting yourself in danger. Just look at the current events…

That means, if you’re currently experiencing any of the digestive issues, you need to solve them ASAP before that leads to bigger problems down the road.

But the good news is, as I mentioned – there’s now an easy way to add “good” bacteria to your gut and improve your digestion system.

Imagine… being able to supercharge your digestive system…

…giving your body what it desperately needs and…

…solving all your bloating, constipation, upset stomach, and diarrhea problems for good.

My friend, this is why I created PRO-7 – the most advanced “good bacteria” product available today.

PRO-7 is the latest cutting-edge formula from me and my team here at Advanced Biohealth. Click here and you can get it now.

We created this formula with two goals in mind – to help you add the extra good bacteria your body is starving for…

AND give your immune system a boost so it can protect yourself from various infections that are present in the world today.

Because when you have a strong immune system, it is able to fight the battles for you keeping you safe.

Just one pill a day taken with food could not only give you a gut bacteria diversity but could also kick your immune system into overdrive.

How exactly does it work?

Your gut is a host to a lot of different kinds of bacteria. They’re like little factories that take in something your body cannot completely digest and start a series of chemical reactions to get some energy out of it.

In the end, they have a waste product. If there are no other bacteria to put this to good use, your body cannot handle these “leftovers” on its own. And that could be the major cause of your digestive discomfort.

PRO-7 gives you the extra bacteria that the ancient warriors used to get when they consumed the fermented foods you cannot currently get.

It is this extra bacteria that helps your body digest what it is currently having problem digesting. Now you may be wondering…

Which bacteria is your body NOT getting?

When scientists looked at fermented foods, they found a wealth of bacteria that could help your digestion.

The only problem was – the bacteria would have to survive the stomach acid environment to reach the intestines so they can help your digestion.

One such bacteria is called Bacillus Subtilis. Not only was it found in fermented foods, but it also exists in… common dirt.

That’s right. For most of the history of mankind, we lived in close contact with the Earth. The majority of our diet consisted of foods and water that had dirt clinging to it.

This dirt was very beneficial to our bodies. Our ancestors always had dirt in their diet through picking produce out of the ground and drinking from lakes, rivers, and streams.

Why is your body not getting it?

Many original doctors used dirt in their various healing concoctions. But today, we sterilize our food and avoid the consumption of dirt and for one very good reason

Today’s soil is damaged by pesticides, herbicides, and other man-made chemicals. And how did they get there, you may ask?

Two words…modern farming.

That’s right. Flying robots are now used to spray the crops using satellite navigation…

…drenching the soil with all sorts of pollutants – herbicides, insecticides and other hazardous chemicals.

So the real question is…

How can you get the same benefits as our primal forefathers had?

Scientists had to look far and wide to find some “clean” dirt for research. When they looked at it through the microscope…

They discovered that it was the bacteria called Bacillus Subtilis that’s the key component that gives the dirt it’s powerful nutritional benefits.

This bacteria is so extraordinary that it has the ability to survive harsh environments.

According to the Oxford University Journal “Microbiology Reviews”, B.Subtilis has an ability to surround itself in a protective armor called endospore which allows it to endure extreme environments. 9

That means it can survive your stomach acid and get into the digestive system to colonize it.

According to the Canadian Journal of Microbiology, it also has been shown to help prevent gastrointestinal disorders and improve symptoms of digestive discomfort. 10 11

But you know what?

You don’t have to eat dirt to get the benefits of this powerful bacteria. There’s now a much better way.

A large dose of it is included in PRO-7. That means you can get all of the powerful benefits the superhuman warriors have enjoyed.

But that’s not all.

What is even more surprising – B.Subtilis works like fertilizer and fuels the growth of other “good” bacteria – Lactobacillus. 12

And Lactobacillus has many different types, also called strains.

One of the most powerful ones is called L. Rhamnosus. It was discovered almost 40 years ago when scientists were looking for a “perfect probiotic”.

It would have to survive the transit to the lower intestinal tract… and colonize the intestine, act as an antimicrobial substance, grow rapidly and have beneficial effects on your health. 13 14

And they found it… in fermented milk, of all places.

This bacteria is so good for your health that it produces lactic acid, which may prevent harmful bacteria from making a home in your intestines.

They also ensure the lining of the intestines stays intact… which is crucial to prevent what scientists now call “leaky gut”.

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial published in the International Journal of Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics showed this bacteria was very effective in treating diarrhea. 15

A daily dose of this “perfect probiotic” bacteria is also included in PRO-7.

And now, here’s something even more amazing…

How babies helped discover “good” bacteria

When an infant formula was first created, scientists took great care to model it after the same substances as the real breast milk.

When they gave this formula to the babies, it didn’t quite work so well. Infants were getting diarrhea much too often. What could be missing?

The answer, of course, was the lactic acid bacteria.

One Japanese scientist used a strain called L.Casei to create a special yogurt, which mothers could initially buy only in pharmacies. When they fed it to their babies every day, the infants contracted diarrhea much less frequently. 16 17

But diarrhea is not the only thing this bacteria helps to relieve.

Studies published in the Scandinavian Journal of Immunology and a Journal of Nutrition showed that L.Casei helps alleviate constipation and increases immunity. 18 19

And that’s why L.Casei is also included in a daily dose of PRO-7.

Now, another bacteria – L.Plantarum is also found in many fermented foods. When scientists looked at what it could do, they were astonished.

First, it’s been shown that it can help your body get rid of toxins such as Aluminum, Copper, and Cadmium. 20 21 22

And let’s face it…

Due to the explosion of population in urban environments, the number of various pollutants that end up in your gut is astounding! 23

It causes oxidative stress, which could be the main culprit of headaches and “brain fog”. It also weakens your immune system and may even be the prime source of inflammation. 24

Not only can L.Plantarum help you get rid of toxins, but it can also help you absorb minerals. A clinical test published in the Public Library of Science showed this bacteria boosted iron absorption in women. 25.

But the biggest benefit? It helps relieve digestive discomfort.

In another study published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology, two hundred and fourteen patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome were recruited. Half of them were given L. Plantarum, the other half, a placebo. After four weeks, the first group reported a symptom relief of stomach pain and bloating. 28

Is it any wonder that our body is starving for all these bacteria? That’s why we’ve included it in a daily dose of PRO-7.

But we didn’t stop there.

As you know, in the last few decades we’ve all been bombarded by the mainstream to believe that we have to kill every germ in our path.

And In the last few months, we’ve been told to sanitize our hands after touching just about anything.

But the reality is…

Getting rid of all bacteria also strips out all of the good bugs your body needs to stay healthy

This could be the reason why you’re suffering from miserable indigestion symptoms… which is your body telling you that something is not right and you better fix it ASAP before it leads to more problems.

And there is one vital strain of bacteria your gut needs to get back in balance again…

It’s called B.Longum. This bacteria has been around since the creation of man, and it is nature’s way of keeping your digestion running smoothly…

Because it helps to break down food, absorb vital nutrients, and then flush the waste out of your body.

When you were a kid your colon had billions of B. Longum to protect you from an upset stomach. But as you grew older, things like stress, chlorinated water, pollution, toxins, and drugs such as antibiotics kept slaughtering these healthy bacteria… and your gut troubles began.

To help you turn back the clock, I made sure that each capsule of PRO-7 contains this strain of bacteria. Once inside your digestive tract, it helps recolonize your colon – just like it did when you were born.

But that’s not all! A Japanese clinical test of adult volunteers showed that B.Longum significantly improved digestion and regularity of bowel movements in as little as two weeks. 26

That means NO constipation or straining!

Just imagine… with the help of PRO-7, you’ll have a fully supported digestive system to help your body handle all the foods you eat and feel AMAZING.

Now, what if you could not only feel great but also look great by losing weight at the same time? Would that be possible?

You bet it is!

A growing amount of evidence shows a relationship between your gut bacteria and weight loss. And there is one bacteria that links them both. It’s called B.Breve.

One study published in Japan took eighty adults in Japan and gave them either a placebo or B.Breve capsules every day for 12 weeks. At the end of the study, body fat mass and percentage of body fat were significantly lower in the group that received the bacteria, while the placebo group actually gained weight. 27

Now, imagine what your friends and relatives would think if they saw you leaner and thinner. They’d be dying to know your secret, wouldn’t they?

And the secret – B.Breve is what we included in PRO-7.

How is this different from what you’ve seen before?

Most probiotics you can buy at the store have only two types of bacteria: Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Both are good bacterias that have many beneficial properties…

But that is not enough!

Most people go to the grocery aisle and get a generic bottle of probiotics, try it and see that it didn’t work.

That’s because most probiotic supplements contain only two types of bacteria. This could be the reason they don’t work.

As I’ve explained, PRO-7 also contains a powerful bacteria called B. Subtilis, and together with Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, they become a powerful weapon not only against digestion issues but also against attacks on your immune system.

That’s why PRO-7 contains not one, not two but SEVEN different bacteria strains! And not just any strains…

All seven of those strains have been proven by clinical studies to help you solve digestion issues – from diarrhea to constipation to bloating and may even help you lose weight.

That’s like buying three bottles of different probiotics and giving yourself a TRIPLE CHANCE to fix all your digestion issues and strengthen your immunity at the same time.

In addition to that, not all probiotics are manufactured equally. Others are downright fake. And what’s worse, some of them end up in online stores like Amazon.

Take a look at what happened at Amazon recently…

Can you imagine how many customers bought a product that was supposed to help with digestion, but what they got was something that could have even harmed them!

Our product is made in America in a GMP certified facility. There’s what that means..

GMP Certified Facility Triple Checks Every Order Before It Goes Out The Door

Our product is manufactured in an FDA registered facility in the United States, which is certified in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This means your order goes through 3 levels of inspection before it’s even shipped out the door.

Many supplement companies “shortcut” this part and source their ingredients from fly-by-night suppliers in heavily polluted areas in foreign countries like China.

This boosts the profits for them, but the end-product is almost always tainted with dangerous chemicals like lead and arsenic and may even be fake.

How soon will I see an improvement?

When consumed, it starts to work almost immediately and blocks bad bacteria from wreaking havoc in your digestive system.

You may start to feel the relief of your digestive issues within 1-3 days. But for full effect, it takes as long as 2-3 weeks.

When first using probiotics, some people may experience gas or bloating. That’s because changes in microbiota can result in new bacteria producing more gas than usual.

It’s a sign that they’re working and that bacteria diversity is restoring your gut health. You should give your body some time to readjust.

Soon these effects will clear up and you’ll be able to enjoy your new “iron stomach”, improved immune system, and digestive comfort you had when you were young.

Now, as you can imagine, creating such breakthrough probiotic formulation was not easy. It took our “mad scientist” team many years to come up with a formula that’s as close to perfection as possible.

Formulating the most potent ingredients into one formula is not cheap. The cost can run as high as a hundred bucks for a one-month supply.

That’s because the highest quality components for a probiotic formula are prohibitively expensive.

And if you were to buy the same powerful probiotic bacteria ingredients separately, you’d have to pay through the roof. But the good news is…

I wanted to make this revolutionary product affordable to regular people. That’s why…

Now you can try PRO-7 at the lowest price

One month’s supply of PRO-7 is only $39.95 (plus shipping and handling). That’s only $1.33 per day, which is less than a daily cup of yogurt and it contains up to 7X more strains of probiotics.

But there is a catch – these prices are only guaranteed for the current batch.

Our suppliers have just informed us that due to pandemic and other unforeseen social unrest events, the prices for the ingredients are going up. That means we’ll have no choice but to increase the price by 20%.

If you’re reading this presentation, that means you can still get PRO-7 at the current low price.

But if you’d like to save even more, and to make sure you have enough of this revolutionary probiotic formula on hand, I’d suggest you go for our 3-month PRO-7 Savings pack.

The 3 month supply is just $107.85 (plus shipping and handling). This way you save 10% of the regular price.

But for the biggest savings and the lowest price per bottle, try our 6-Month pack...

If you’re really serious about maintaining your overall health for the long run – and saving a bundle of money, then you should try our 6-Month Best-Value pack.

A 6-month supply is only $199.5. That’s by far the best value, because not only you save $40.20 off the regular price but you also get FREE shipping and handling.

No Matter Which Option You Choose, You’re Protected by a 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to try the wonderful improvements that PRO-7 can bring to your gut, your digestion, and overall well being.

Try it RISK-FREE for 30 days!

And if you don’t love the improvements you’re experiencing, simply call the 1-800 number on the bottle and I’ll personally refund every single penny you paid, no questions asked.

I promise that you will feel an improvement in your digestive health or you get your money back!

But, as I mentioned, this exclusive offer is available to new customers only through this presentation and while current stock lasts.

Which is why I recommend for you to stock up on PRO-7 and save big while you can.

If you’re like most of my customers, you’re going to be stunned by how great you’ll feel and look once you begin nurturing the good bacteria in your gut.

If you treat them right and give them what they need, and they will work wonders for you.

This means better digestion.

No more bloating or painful stomach cramps.

You’ll also enjoy a radiant health head to toe…

Sustained energy levels throughout the day…

And even healthier and younger-looking skin.

Because your skin is a reflection of your internal health status.

All that and more is possible with PRO-7.

Once you place your order, you’ll be taken to a secure checkout page.

Ordering on this page is completely 100% safe because it is encrypted with 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer.

It’s the same level of security the biggest banks use.

The information you enter will never be seen by anyone else. It’s like having a secure tunnel on the internet.

Once you press the Buy Now button, we’ll immediately start processing your order and we’ll rush your PRO-7 to you.

I guarantee that you’ll be extremely happy with PRO-7.

I hope you’ve discovered some interesting things today that will have a positive impact on your health.

Thank you for reading.

Underground Health Researcher, Advanced Biohealth

P.S. I’d like to hear from you about how PRO-7 has worked for you.

Since this presentation was released, I’ve been receiving letters every day from people all other the world who are experiencing exceptional results.

And I’m ecstatic to read them all!

So please send me your testimony at

Now click the order button below and let me welcome you to the BioHealth family.

P.S. Here’s what some people said who’ve tried PRO-7

I bought the product just to try it out and have been using it for about 2 months now. I feel great, my metabolism is working nicely and my energy level is great. I feel awesome at the start of every day. I’m more aware and with energy as before I felt lethargic and without motivation to do a lot of things. I take it at the start of every day – it works wonders.

I have just ordered my second bottle and I can definitely say these supplements are great, not only for my gut health but I am pretty sure they have played a small role in healing my hormonal acne as well! Definitely recommend!

I’ve tried a number of different probiotics that have produced “okay” results. I noticed a marked improvement in my stomach issues after using these. I’m very pleased.

I am so happy I found a probiotic that does its job! My digestive system is moving along a lot better now, and I do not feel bloated when I eat certain foods. I would definitely recommend this particular probiotic!

After taking one capsule at night for a few weeks, I have noticed less stomach pain and more regularity in digestion. Love it!

I read so many reviews for so many different brands before settling on these, and I’m so glad that I did. While I never really had a problem with being “regular”, I was always bloated and gassy throughout the day. I’ve noticed a major decrease in both since I added these probiotics to my daily regimen. I will definitely be purchasing this brand again once I need a refill!

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