Good mood - in this stressful world

No more “I have no energy or enthusiasm for anything”
No more “I want to go back to bed and never wake up”
No more “I’m just not feeling myself.”

Hi, I’m Alan Walker, founder for Advanced Biohealth.

Can I ask you a personal question…

How often do you feel stressed out, disappointed, or just “feeling down” ?

Are you sincerely happy, full of energy and in a really good mood… every single day?

I know it could be difficult to admit that you aren’t always doing so great.

That you don’t feel as good as you used to anymore…

That things in your life can push you over the edge sometimes…

But I promise, I can help.

That’s exactly why I made this presentation. Because…

If you’re feeling unhappy or sad or just feeling “down” more often than you’d like…

And if negative thoughts are circling in your head about your life or the future…

If you aren’t quite as happy as you used to be….

Then there are 2 important things you should know.

In the next 2 minutes and 37 seconds, I’m going to reveal this secret.

And more importantly…

I’ll show you a new breakthrough that could improve every single day of your life.

In scientific studies it’s been shown to help boost your happiness 32% in just 21 days. And in 42 days you can more than double it.

It’s backed by cutting edge science.

Just 3 weeks from today, you could feel happier…

Have more energy, be confident and relaxed…

And more importantly, be more hopeful and excited about your future.

You’ll soon be looking forward to events like holidays or your next birthday…

And you’ll feel completely “at ease” and able to handle whatever life throws your way.

In fact, you could even start feeling like your “old self” again…

Taking you back to those times when you never worried and enjoyed life to the fullest.


Remember that feeling?

I’ll show you a breakthrough way to completely obliterate the blues.

So even if whatever you’ve tried, didn’t work… what you’re about to see will blow your mind.

Because it’s not a drug.

And nothing to do with therapy, mental positivity exercises or anything else you’ve heard before…

It’s a new discovery that could not only “upgrade” your mood…

… but also banish that gloomy unhappiness you experience from time to time.

And how this discovery was made is a little surprising.

How sailors helped make
a scientific discovery


It all started in the late 1800s when giant wooden ships were sailing the world.

Sailors on those ships were dropping like flies from a mysterious disease called Beriberi.

It makes you lose the feeling in your legs and have trouble walking.

For more than ten years nobody could figure out why…

Until Dutch military doctor by the name of Christiaan Eijkman noticed something interesting.

He was working at the military base. And his neighbor had chickens.

What’s interesting is these chickens developed similar Beriberi-like symptoms – they couldn’t walk and were frequently falling down.

Dr Eijkman started studying them to figure out why.

He was convinced that some kind of bacteria was to blame.

So he separated them into two groups and ran some tests. But nothing he tried made any sense.

Suddenly, all of the sick chickens recovered and had no more symptoms.

Why the sudden change?

Was there something in the food or water?


Investigation revealed a secret

Turns out the chickens were fed a leftover white rice from the military hospital nearby.

But recently the cook at the military hospital was replaced with someone new.

His successor refused to allow military rice to be taken for civilian chickens.

They were switched to rough brown rice. And they quickly made a full recovery.

Now, why was the white rice causing a disease? That’s the question that baffled the scientists.

Was there something missing in white rice that was present in brown unprocessed rice?

I’ll tell you the answer in a moment, but first…let me introduce myself.

My name, as I said, is  Alan Walker. I’m a chief medical advisor for Advanced Biohealth.


I dig through mountains of research to uncover overlooked scientific breakthroughs that can improve your health naturally.

Because, you may already suspect this – the big pharmaceutical industry is rubbing their hands when you get sick, so they can treat you with chemical drugs charging you big bucks…

And that’s precisely why Big Pharma would rather keep these breakthroughs under wraps…

That’s how they earn humongous profits – sometimes even by raising prices 800% or even more.

Drugs can often have negative side effects that can destroy your health.

That’s why I want to tell you about a breakthrough that changed the world and how it can help you improve your mood and make you feel happier.

Now back to the story about rice…

As it turned out, white rice was processed in steam-powered mills, which stripped off their nutrient-rich outer layer.

This mysterious compound was later identified as Thiamine.

Dr. Eijkman was awarded a Nobel Prize for his research in 1929.

The discovery was so huge that it changed the way we think about nutrient deficiencies and how it affects your body.

Today Beriberi disease is very rare. But here’s what’s not so rare

If your body is not getting enough Thiamine, it can negatively affect your brain. You can…


All of the above is your brain’s way of telling you – you need more Thiamine…

But here’s the thing…

And guess what?

Scientific studies show that the older you are, the lower your Thiamine levels.

Now you may be thinking…

“Can’t I get enough Thiamine through regular food?”

Remember the story about chickens?

That was just one example of how today’s industrial food processing depletes Thiamine content along with other nutrients and vitamins.

You could be suffering from “High calorie malnutrition”.

That’s right! Even if you’re consuming a lot of food, your body may not be getting enough micronutrients. For example…

According to a scientific review published by two doctors at Mayo Clinic…

29% of overweight people who went for weight-reduction surgery were Thiamine deficient? 3

It’s been proven by scientific studies.

That means your diet… not only it’s making you overweight…

…but it could also greatly affect anything from your mood, to the way you think, feel and remember.

Now let me ask you this…

Do you enjoy drinking alcohol?

It makes it harder for your body to absorb vitamins and nutrients… which is another way to starve your body for what it needs.

But Thiamine can help solve all those problems simply and efficiently.

And most importantly…

It can make you feel 56% happier.

And I’m not pulling that number from the air. Here’s proof…

Scientists took 51 patients who scored low on HDRS – universal happiness test and gave them Thiamine.

At the end of the study, they were tested again. And the results exceeded all expectations…

In just 21 days their happiness scores improved 32%.

And in 6 weeks those scores improved by 56%. 4


In addition to that, all patients reported less tension, feeling happier and more optimistic.

That proves, Thiamine could help you feel more calm and excited about your future.

You’d be calm, confident and relaxed.

And your mind would feel completely “at ease”.

That’s because it works like a rechargeable battery for your brain.

Imagine your cell phone with a dying battery…

It sends you a warning that it can die any second.

It keeps beeping asking you to recharge.


Thiamine is like a battery in your brain

But when it runs low…

It warns you by putting you in a bad mood… making you cranky and irritable.

As a result, your happiness takes a nosedive.

Stress goes up. You can’t think straight, your memory worsens and focus is all over the place.

And Thiamine is like recharging your brain to 100%.

Your brain gets re-energized, happiness soars and you’re back to your “old self” again.

In a moment I’ll tell you how to get Thiamine quickly and easily, but first, let me tell you about something else that could present an even bigger problem.

You see, if Thiamine is like a battery for your brain, then another nutrient…

Biotin is like a giant power station that
supplies energy to your entire body

It’s like a Hoover dam that produces energy that powers the entire state.


Biotin is like that giant power station because it supplies energy to your entire body.

It helps break down fat and carbohydrates from the foods you eat… turning them into lots of energy.

And again – it’s great if you have this power uninterrupted.

But what if a storm hits and power lines get cut off?

It’s only a matter of time until your cell phone battery runs out.

And when your body is deficient in Biotin… here’s what can happen:

But the good news is – getting more Biotin can be an easy solution to all those problems.

What it does for your brain is nothing short of spectacular.

According to the study done at University of Nebraska-Lincoln…

not only it supplies it with lots of energy but it also helps your brain cells communicate better. 5

Because, first…you may not know this, but your brain… even though it’s 2% of your body weight…

It consumes about 20% of your body’s energy.

Which means it needs a steady supply of this energy or else… it’s reflected in your mood and happiness plummets.

And second… your brain cells can’t work by themselves.

They have to communicate between each other. And that’s what Biotin does – acts like a communication line between neurons.

Biotin helps neurons make better connections and overall provides a steady supply of energy to your entire body.

But all this extra energy is not going to do you any good if…

Your brain is shrinking!

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

You see, according to Harvard Medical school, there could be many different causes of negative thoughts.

And scientists had to look deeper at what’s going on.

They even used the most sophisticated technologies such as PET scans, SPECT scans and MRI – to look into the brain and here’s what they’ve found…

There are three areas of the brain that regulate mood – amygdala, thalamus and hippocampus.

One of those three plays a vital role.

Journal of Neuroscience published a study where 24 women participated. All were greatly affected by negative thoughts.

Brain tests revealed that all these women had hippocampus area of the brain 9% – 13% smaller than those who were normally happy. 6

The more negative thoughts women had, the smaller the hippocampus area.

It’s also the area responsible for your memory.

That means if you have negative thoughts, your memory could be getting worse.

Now, the question is, why was the hippocampus area so much smaller?

The answer is – stress.

It’s a major factor that affects your brain.

Experts believe stress stops the production of new neurons in the hippocampus. As a result, this area shrinks.

That’s right. One of the most important parts of your brain shrinks.

That means you could have millions upon millions dead or dying neurons if you’re frequently stressed.

Now, the good news is… there’s a process in your body called neurogenesis.

It’s a way to jump-start those dying parts of the brain and bring them back to life.

All you need is to give your brain a special raw material called BDNF or Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor.

And guess what?

There’s one obscure nutrient that’s been shown in clinical trials to increase BDNF in your brain. This nutrient is called L-Theanine. 7,8

It is produced by a flowering plant called Genus Camellia.

And It grows in the remote valleys of the Himalayan mountains… its fertile ecosystem of primeval forests…


But what it could do for your brain is nothing short of spectacular…

According to a study done at the National Institute of Neuroscience…

it can significantly increase the levels of BDNF in the hippocampus area of the brain. 9

It’s the part of the brain that makes your memory work. And it’s where you store the things you learned… before they’re transferred to the long-term memory.

But the real question is…

Can L-Theanine help you feel happier,
reduce stress and feelings of worry?

To measure how powerful it is…

Scientists did a study that gave L-Theanine to 30 men and women in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study – the gold standard of medical research.

All participants were given a test at the beginning of the study.

Imagine yourself having to answer questions such as how happy you feel, do you have trouble sleeping at night, do you feel tired and restless, are you more irritable than usual and so on.

That’s what all participants had to do before taking L-Theanine.

Then researchers gave half of the participants L-Theanine, the other half a placebo – fake pill.

Four weeks later, they were tested again…

And the results were surprising.

The volunteers taking the placebo did not experience much of an improvement. This was expected.

However, the participants who took the L-Theanine saw a 45% increase in their ability to stay awake during the day and enthusiasm to get things done…

And 36% improvement in the time it takes to fall asleep. 10

Participants also reported a significant reduction of worry and increased feelings of content.

…clearer mind, more hopeful about the future and more enjoyment of the things they do.

And that’s not all…

Believe it or not, the same people reported 100% improved memory compared to the placebo group.

And here’s a side effect…

When the researchers tested their logical thinking, they found that it had improved 3.8 times, compared to those in the placebo group.


Now let me ask you this…

How would you like to be less stressed and have your brain work far more efficiently giving you a sharper focus and faster memory…

…feel happier and less worried and also improve your memory at the same time…

During those moments when stress from your relationships, work, and today’s uncertain world… pushes you over the edge?

That’s why I want to introduce you to Wellimadrol.

It contains scientifically measured doses of Thiamine, Biotin and L-Theanine.

All three scientifically proven ingredients that can not only supply your brain with energy, but also spark the growth of new neurons.

But that is only a small part of what the Wellimadrol can do.

This formula is so revolutionary, that it can replenish the energy reserves in your brain and your body… which in turn can help you feel happier…


And it can do it in 28 different ways!

Imagine having a stubborn problem where you’ve tried to fix it, but you weren’t successful.

This formula attacks the problem from 28 different angles.

Let’s start with #1.

Mysterious Yellow-Green
substance in milk

Like many scientific discoveries, this one too was discovered almost accidentally.

It all started in 1872, when an English chemist was looking at the milk and found it has a sort of yellow-green fluorescent material in it.

He didn’t think much of it…

At the same time nutritionists were searching for growth-improving nutrients in food. They too kept seeing yellow substances.


Meanwhile, biochemists looking at chemical processes in living organisms kept encountering a yellow enzyme.

What was this yellow substance that was present in food and the enzyme?

Scientific experiments done on prisoners showed this compound was called Riboflavin.

But… wait! Prisoners?

What do they have to do with science?

How prisoners helped make
a major scientific discovery

During the Second World War, thousands of troops were kept in prisoner-of-war camps in the Far East.

Imprisonment was extremely harsh due to physical hardship, tropical infections and starvation.

As a result, prisoners developed multiple pathologies.

This gave the opportunity for researchers to study those people and see how malnutrition was affecting them.

Scientists could add more nutritious foods to prisoner’s diets one by one and see what symptoms went away.

That’s how a compound called Riboflavin was discovered. Adding it to the prisoner’s diet quickly cured them.

The only problem is… when scientists tried to isolate this nutrient…

…just to get 1 gram of it, they needed 5,000 litres of milk or 34,000 eggs. That’s how scarce it was.

But if you have a deficiency of it, you may experience weakness, fatigue and even possible personality changes. And that’s just for the initial stage.

More advanced deficiency may even cause a brain dysfunction. 11


That means, if you have days where you’re “not feeling yourself”…

…or your friends and relatives note that you’re somehow “different”, this could all be because your body is starving for Riboflavin.

But the good news is – even though it’s scarce in milk and eggs…

Riboflavin’s deficiency can be quickly resolved with Wellimadrol, because it contains a perfect daily dose of it.

But we didn’t stop there.

We’ve also added a healthy dose of Niacin…

… shortage of which in your body can make you feel apathetic.

It’s like you just don’t care about anything going on in your life.

Like you want to sleep all day and not get out of bed or do anything… no matter what the consequences.

Niacin can not only help you get more energy and feel happier but it can also boost your brain function.

According to a study published in American Journal of Cardiology… 

it can help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels and even protect your heart. 12

That’s why a perfect dose of Niacin is included in Wellimadrol.

But now let me ask you this…

Did you ever feel like sometimes people are just getting on your nerves?

Like things irritate you more than usual?

You could be running low on a nutrient called Pantothenic Acid… which is also included in Wellimadrol.

Deficiency of which could be the source of problems like people and things making you angry and upset.

Now you may be thinking…

How come there are so many different nutrients
that I can be running low on?

And the answer is – think of your body as a car. A well maintained car will always start and will be performing at the top level.

If you take your car for granted and never check on it, it will soon start giving you problems – tire pressure will be running low, which means your tires start wearing unevenly…

Your washer fluid runs out, which means your front window becomes hardly visible. And

if you continue to neglect your car, it may become one of those cars that are on the side of the road burning with an open flame.


Cars need regular maintenance or they give up on you.

Same with your body – if you neglect to supply it with proper nutrients…

Your body starts sending you signals. You get that “down in the dumps” feeling, become irritable and quickly run out of patience.

And if you continue to ignore those signals, you run into much bigger problems down the road…

Like a loss of memory, abnormal cell growth… you may even lose your independence as you get older.

That’s why we have also included another special compound – Pyridoxine. It’s also known as Vitamin B6.

Giving more of it to your body could help you feel happier, think more positively and even boost your immunity

And that’s not all…

We've also included many other natural and exotic herbs
that could work wonders for your body.

These natural compounds have not only proven themselves over hundreds of years as part of Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine…

Here’s what you’ll also get in each daily dose of Wellimadrol:


might just be the most powerful “mood accelerator” known to science. In a double-blind placebo controlled study, 98 stressed out adults were tested. Results showed 77% improvement in mood and happiness after taking Ashwagandha. 13


is also known as “Natural Happiness Booster”. In a randomized placebo controlled study, 57 adults were randomly tested and the results showed a significant improvement in HAM-D happiness scores after taking chamomile. 14

Lemon Balm

This lemon-scented herb that comes from the same family as mint. But what it can do for your good mood is almost unprecedented. Scientists have put 18 volunteers under severe stress in a lab environment using special stress tests. Results showed stress generated by them was completely removed after volunteers were given this herb. Participants felt calm and alert.15​


Is a flower that looks like a soldier's helmet. It’s been used in traditional Chinese medicine when you feel frazzled or you can’t sleep. It also supports healthy blood pressure and helps you get rid of respiratory infections.16​


An antioxidant-rich berry you might find growing in the woods. Not only can it enhance circulation and bring dramatic benefits for your heart and entire body, but it has shown to improve people’s ability to enjoy and relax, have positive mood, and even become more sociable.17


has been used in Asia for over 6,000 years. Today, over 14 different medical studies confirm that it can improve your mood and help you process new information quicker. 18. It can also help clean up your brain from plague, increase blood flow to your brain and help your brain cells communicate better.19


is the flower that can help you have a good night’s sleep by reducing the amount of stress hormone cortisol in your body. During the day, it can help you feel more relaxed, improve your mood and even give you more energy. 20

Passion Flower

It’s been shown to help you sleep better and feel less nervous in social situations during the day. It’s been used extensively as a herbal medicine in Europe. 21

Valerian Root

has been used for ages to overcome worry, feel less shaky and nervous. It also helps you have a good night’s sleep. Clinical trials showed that it works by changing functional connectivity of the brain. Which means it helps your neurons communicate with each other better.22

Oat Straw

can you eat a straw become smarter? The answer is Yes and it’s been used for brain health since the Middle ages. It can help you feel less jittery, increase your mental energy and even help you think faster. 23

Mucuna Pruriens

not only can it improve your mood but also put you “in the mood” because it’s been used as an aphrodisiac. It’s been a part of Ayurveda medicine as a herbal remedy for more than 3,000 years. 24. Curious about the “in the mood” part? You’ll just have to test it and find out.

St. John’s Wort

has been used by the battlefield doctors in ancient Rome to give their soldiers an edge over the enemy. It was also given to make people feel less jittery, more calm and as a happiness booster. Modern science confirms what’s been known for ages - how spectacularly effective it is. 25


the famous ingredient that gives a touch of bitterness to most brews, is shocking scientists with its amazing health properties. A randomized placebo controlled study found it significantly reduced the feelings of nervousness, improved mood and reduced stress in healthy volunteers. 26

Griffonia Simplicifolia

a type of plant found in west Africa contains a compound called 5-HTP, which can help you feel happier by increasing the happiness hormone - serotonin levels. It can also help with headaches and even help you lose weight. A clinical trial showed it increases the feeling of satiety. 27

Gamma-Aminbutyric Acid

GABA is a nutrient that could help slow down the “over excited” brain when you get too many “butterflies” in your stomach too often. A clinical trial showed it has a calming and focusing effect within one hour of ingesting it and may even boost your immune system. 28


a flowering plant that grows in remote regions of the arctic. Numerous clinical trials have shown it helps reduce stress, improve your mental performance, and decrease fatigue. 29, 30, 31, 32, 33​


not only it acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrient, but in a study published in the Journal Nutritional Neuroscience, it has shown to improve mood, brain health and even speed up your memory. 34​

As you can see, Wellimadrol contains a whopping 28 different herbs and other compounds that can help you boost your happiness and maintain a perfect health in many different ways.

It’s like having a complicated problem with your car and 28 different mechanics looking at it at the same time…

No matter how stubborn and annoying the problem is, it’s almost certain that it will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Imagine taking all these 28 different super nutrients and herbs in the morning…

Just one hour later your worries start to go away…

Already, you’re feeling more optimistic and positive about the future.

Then, in days and weeks – as you take all these amazing ingredients…

You notice you’re feeling better and stop overthinking things.

Your day goes with an extra energy

And before you know it, you start planning things for the future…

Things you want to do, people you want to see…

Reuniting with long lost friends and family…

Maybe even planning a vacation with your spouse and what you’re going to do during it.

And, finally, after 3 weeks, you start to feel like a completely new person.

You notice that you no longer suffer with occasional bouts of feeling blue like you used to before…

You’re enjoying things you used to love – like going out to eat, or going out to see a new city… even visiting your family…

Your grumpiness, your worries and fears are gone.

You feel much more excited and happier about the future…

And you feel so much better…
Like you’ve got yourself a brand new mind!

Can you picture what this new life would look like?

How would you feel when you’re back to the “old self” again?

What will your family and friends say when you’re more chill, happier and a lot more fun to be around?

And what will you do with the newfound passion for life?

Will you take up new hobbies, like photography or learning to play a guitar?

Or maybe you’ll take a road trip to somewhere you haven’t been before? Like Yellowstone park or Niagara Falls?


Or perhaps you’ll just kick back and enjoy life a lot more…

Happy, feeling good and excited about tomorrow.

All that is possible with 28 super ingredients included in Wellimadrol. All in one simple formula you can take once or twice a day.

If you went out and purchased all of these compounds separately, it would cost you $276 each month.

One drug manufacturer is charging $295 for a bottle of only one ingredient – Niacin.

But the good news is – Wellimadrol doesn’t cost anywhere near that.

Let me explain…

You see, I’ve made these 28 ingredients into the most powerful formula.

Problem is, since it’s so new…

We only have an initial supply and it’s very limited.

Which means it’s virtually guaranteed to sell out soon.

In fact, I’d be surprised if we have any left by the end of the week.

So if you want to take advantage of this breakthrough formula, you must act fast…

Or your chance will have passed.

When my team and I first put the finishing touches on Wellimadrol, we decided that we’re going to charge $129 for one month’s supply.

And when you think about how much research went into finding the right components of this formula, sourcing each component from our suppliers and then packaging it all into a single pill you can take once a day…

I think you’ll agree… that it’s a complete bargain compared to what it could do for your health.

Because, think about it…

How much is a healthy mind worth to you?

If you’re like me, you’d pay thousands of dollars to ensure those moments of feeling down never come back.

And you’ll always stay optimistic, happy and relaxed about your future.

And I know $129 is out of reach for most people.

That’s why I’ve convinced my team to bring the price down to only $74.

That’s $55 off the regular price.

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As soon as your package arrives, open it up and take out of your bottle of Wellimadrol.

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Take one with water and within one hour you should start noticing how different you feel.


Notice how calm and relaxed you are… and how you’re already feeling happier and more relaxed.

Then, as you go about your day – whether you’re working, running some errands or just taking a walk – you start to feel like yourself again.

And you’re a lot more confident and relaxed.

Your mood is completely loose, you’re having fun.

And those sad thoughts where you just don’t feel like yourself never even come.

That’s exactly what you’ll get when you take Wellimadrol.

And remember – just one tiny pill is all you need for calmness and a happy mood that lasts all day long.

And if it doesn’t work exactly as I promised?


You’re covered by a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.


So here’s what I want you to do…

Choose your package below and click on one of the three “Add to cart” buttons below.

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After one week, take a note how you feel.

If your sadness and negative thoughts are not completely gone

If you don’t feel more relaxed and chill… more positive, calm and relaxed…

If you’re not more optimistic about your future – starting in just 7 days

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Suffering through those occasional or frequent blue spells…

Suffering in silence every time sad thoughts come creeping in…

Lay awake at night, unable to sleep, knowing you had a chance to do something about it…


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